Ras is a rapper/producer. The Los Angeles based artist creates music primarily in the hip hop/rap genre. He helms both the recording and production for his tracks, whose raw, asynchronous flow punches effortlessly over his instrumentals.


My debut album 'Heretic' released on December 15, 2022

Listen to Heretic HERE


01 | 37 1:17
02 | 50° 2:52
03 | Off Rip 2:38
04 | Come Down 2:37
05 | Feeling Good 1:48
06 | Too Easy 1:49
07 | Lotus 2:15
08 | Manhã 2:08
09 | Flying 1:51
10 | Light Grey 1:21
11 | Black Dye 2:51
12 | HOODS 2:09
13 | gone man 2:20
14 | Owls 2:21

Written and Produced by Ras

Recorded in Los Angeles and Boston [2020-2022]

Mixed and Mastered by Ras

K.I.N., 2022.

Black Dye Music Video

Directed and Edited by Noah Gravillis

Director of Photography Imani Gleaton

Colored by Ian Herz

Black Dye is a song that touches on racism found in visual depictions of the bible and breaking free from negative black stereotypes. In some artwork Cain is depicted as ‘black or at least significantly darker than Abel, most of it coinciding with slavery’. Some believed that black people were the descendants of Cain because they shared his skin color. The Mark of Cain is blackness. The song brings light to this racist explanation for black skin. This story of Cain and the artwork that has come along with it perpetuates the negative stereotypical black image. In some ways rap keeps this negative image alive. Rappers often portray a destructive and dangerous lifestyle while making it sound intriguing or fun. The second verse in the song is about avoiding this lifestyle and growing up in an environment where I was given the opportunity to see a brighter future for myself.
‘Black Dye’ is a reference to the melanin in our skin.
“Black dye on my skin 
Mark of Cain ain’t no sin 
Prophet man ain’t no friend 
Is that message from the heavens or below or just pretend”
“Blessed to see tomorrow I’m living there ain’t no guarantee
It’s hard to see a future when other brothers ain’t there to see”

Wil. “The Mark of Cain: Marked for Death, Marked for Life.” The Rev. Wil Gafney, Ph.D. | Womanists Wading in the Word™, 30 Apr. 2021, https://www.wilgafney.com/2021/04/25/markofcain/.



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Awards / Accolades

2022 | KCRW Young Creators Project

2019 | Best French Music Video by Clubbing TV – Bombay Express by Cendrars Featuring. Ashon & Ras


email: rqs.mmi@gmail.com

K.I.N. | 2 0 2 4